, BBox™ 5G mmWave

BBox™ 5G mmWave



 NR Beamforming Development Tool       

Let you focus on 5G antenna array design and mmWave application development

What is BBox5G?

A mmWave analog beamformer

BBox5G comprises RF components such as transmit/receive (T/R) switch, power amplifier (PA), low noise amplifier (LNA) and phase shifters as well as TMYTEKs standard antenna for 5G beam steering. Furthermore, beam shaping and beam synthesis can be easily implemented in one device.


An Integration of software and hardware

TMYTEK’s in -house designed software interface offers both GUI and API control.Our patented software algorithm offers better accuracy and easier control on the beam angles for 5G R&D.


A highly compatible beamforming solution

BBoxhas several successful integrated solutions: 5G New Radio Millimeter-wave (NR mmWave) beamforming Over-the-Air (OTA) communication, fast mmWave scanning channel sounding system, and mmWave radar applications.




Ready-to-use mmWave device for 5G NR application

·It has a detachable antenna kit so antenna array designers can easily replace it with their own design.

·BBox is a highly integrated front-end module (FEM) device, perfect for 5G NR mmWave system integration.

·It comes with complete software/hardware integration and easy-to-access programming, ideal for beam synthesis algorithm developers


Key Features

· Operating Frequency: 26.5 to 29.5 GHz

· Antenna designed for 5G n257 band

· Up to 16 controllable RF channels, each channel providing

· 360 ̊ phase shifter coverage with 5 ̊ per step

· 15 dB attenuation range with 0.5 dB per step

· T/R half duplex operation

· Software control via RJ-45 Ethernet or SPI interface

· CE/FCC/UKCA/ICES certified




Frequency: 26GHz; 28GHz; 39GHz

RF Channels: 4 x 4

Phi-A Tx/Rx Gain: 8 – 12 / 0 – 4 dB; 8 – 10 / 0 – 2 dB; 1 – 3 / -1 – 1 dB

System Tx/Rx Gain: 38 / 30 dB; 38 / 30 dB; 24 / 27 dB

Dimensions152.5 x 82 x 82 (mm)



BBOX Lite 5G

Frequency:28GHz; 39GHz

RF Channels: 1 x 4

Phi-A Tx/Rx Gain: 16 / 12 dB; 15 / 10 dB

System Tx/Rx Gain: 34 / 30 dB; 31 / 26 dB

Dimensions11.9 x 102 x 101 (mm)