, mmW-Coverage:Extend Your FR2 mmWave Coverage Effectively

mmW-Coverage:Extend Your FR2 mmWave Coverage Effectively


The ideal solution for 5G FR2 research in the lab and base station deployment in the field



What is mmW-Coverage

Planning the quantity and location of base stations are key factors in a successful deployment. mmW-Coverage solutions emulate gNB and UE with an SDR-based testbed, redistribute FR2 mmWave signals by reflectors to construct optimal coverage with reasonable cost.



5G FR2 enables eMBB and URLLC with low latency and excellent reliability. However, mmWave faces significant propagation losses and can be blocked by obstacles, making it challenging to achieve optimal signal coverage at efficient costs. TMYTEK’s XRifle Reflector enables users to customize EM signal distributions, cover dead zones, and create cold zones.



mmW-Coverage Use Case: Indoor

Electromagnetic surface (ES) patterns on interior glass or PCBs redistribute mmWave signals from different angles, enabling telecom and system integrators to quickly produce signal hot-zones and cold-zones, and simulate actual mmWave deployment.



mmW-Coverage Use Case: Hybrid RIS

Using the NI USRP to generate a signal source, the signal is transmitted via the UD Box 5G for upconversion, with the BBox One serving as the transmission terminal. It is transmitted in an over-the-air (OTA) manner to the XRifle reflector with a 30-degree incidence angle.

The signal is then reflected at 10-degrees towards the hybrid RIS, where it is received with a 0-degree incidence angle. Subsequently, it is further reflected at 50-degrees toward the BBox Lite receiving end. The signal is downconverted through the UD Box 5G and analyzed by the NI USRP to observe real-time EVM, spectrum, and constellation diagram changes.




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