, UD Box 5G

UD Box 5G


An Ultra-Broadband 5G NR mmWave Frequency Converter

Cover up to 44 GHz




Why UD Box 5G?

TMYTEK UD Box is an up/down converter with an integrated mixer, an internal local oscillator (LO) as well as optional IF and RF filters that are explicitly made for 5G and satellite applications. ith the built-in LO from TMYTEK’s phase-locked oscillator (PLO) product line to ensure excellent phase noise performance, our UD Box makes radio frequency conversion easy and flexible.


Maximize Sub-6 GHz Instruments

TMYTEK UD Box is designed with great interoperability to extend your RF equipment. Labs can save costs on expensive mmWave instruments by making the best use of the existing sub-6 GHz test equipment. The up/down conversion from RF to IF easily addresses the possibilities of mmWave production.


Cover Most 5G Spectrum in one box

UD Box is a broadband 5G up and down converter that covers most 5G mmWave spectrums to extend the possibilities of your RF equipment. It operates up to 44 GHz (RF)/ 0.01 to 14 GHz (IF) and covers most 5G NR FR2 bands as well as lower broadband applications.


Up and Down Convert with ease

User experience matters when it comes to TMYTEK products. We made sure that RF up and down conversion is just a few clicks away with the support of our in-house intuitive GUI and API, they can save you time and effort to get the job done.


Key Features

· RF: 24-44 GHz; IF: 0.01- 14 GHz

· Built-in LO with 24-44 GHz control range

· Highly precise OCXO reference clock

· 10 MHz output and 100 MHz input/output synchronization

· Bi-directional circuit topology

· TMYTEK-made accessories, i.e. amplifier, band-pass filter (optional)

· CE/FCC/UKCA/ICES certified