, Array Antenna Verification

Array Antenna Verification



·Ready to Use mmWave Beamforming Testbed

·Maximum 16 Independent RF Channels

·Multi-Channel, Gain, and Phase Controller

·Optional Band Boosts Design Flexibility with Chamber

·RF Switches Ease between VNA and UD Converter Shifts




Success Story


Prototype and measurement setup.


TMYTEK BBox One helps antenna designers save test time and effort by eliminating the need to develop beamforming algorithms or additional beamforming front-end circuit design. With TMYTEK’s in-house designed GUI, antenna designers can directly control phase, gain and beam direction on one panel, making beam steering and beam management easier than ever before. The combined benefits allow antenna designers to focus on antenna development and efficiently verify antenna performance without worrying about beamforming algorithms.


The TMYTEK BBox One has 16 independent RF channels with individual phase and amplitude control, and therefore Professor Zhao only needed to connect the BBox One to his existing 2-port VNA to test the antenna pattern of his 1×4 dual-polarized antenna at different angles.  TMYTEK solution is the easiest, most convenient and cost-effective.