, Spherical Near-Field Test System

Spherical Near-Field Test System





General Antenna Testing, Mobile Terminal Antenna, Satellite Antenna, etc.



LAMBDA Series Spherical Near-Field Test System has a variety of functions depending on the users’ specific requirements. This system supports

the customization of microwave anechoic chamber dimension, operating frequency range and test specifications.

·Configured with a single/dual-probe rocker arm and a DUT rotating platform.

·Support a variety of passive and active antenna test specifications.

·Fast testing near-field pattens of amplitude and phase, far-field pattens and holographic patterns.

·Support data export files: antenna gain, beam pointing, 3D radiation pattern, cross polarization, axial ratio and efficiency.



            Crescent Test System                                          Star Test System & Dual Star Test System


Crescent Test System Frequency: 600MHz ~ 8GHz, 8GHz ~ 18GHz

Star Test System Frequency: 600MHz ~ 67GHz (up to 110GHz upon request)

Drive System: Precision Stepper Motor; Servo Motor

Max. Size of DUT: 30cm x 30cm, 40cm x 40cm, 60cm x 60cm (customizable)

Max. Weight of DUT: 30kg with Styrofoam Mast (customizable)

RF Cables: High Performance Stable Amplitude and Phase Cable (up to 110GHz upon request)

Supply Power: 100 ~ 240V AC Switchable; 50 / 60Hz, 500 Watts

Supported RF Instrument: Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu, Ceyear, etc.


Software System

·System Operation Software

·Data Post-Processing Module