, mmWave Kits for Education and Development

mmWave Kits for Education and Development


From Theory to Hands-on Experiment; Prototype to Commercializatio


Communication System Prototyping

By connecting UD Box with any baseband instruments, developers and researchers can conduct more 5G mmWave communication R&D projects.

·Compatible with most SDRs: NI USRP/ Xilinx FPGA

·Beam tracking algorithm development

·Beam management implementation



Worlds first beamforming tool kit for educational

5G mmWave courseware and Lab Cookbook teach the principles behind beamforming and experiments to understand the propagation property of millimeter-wave signals.

Read about the 5G Beamforming Directivity experiment that Prof. Bjorson conducted using the Dev Kit.



Exploring Beamforming Directivity in mmWave CommunicationFundamentals withInsightful Video series


 Watch this video here.


Key Takeaways:

· Beamforming directivity is crucial for reliable mmWave communication in 5G networks

· Beamforming focuses signals in a specific direction, enhancing signal strength and reducing interference

· The experimental setup with the TMYTEK Developer Kit demonstrates the principles of beamforming and the importance of amplification

· Activating more antenna inputs increases directivity and transmitted power, resulting in higher received power

· Beamforming and directivity enable focused and high-power transmissions in mmWave communication


Setting up the Experiment

Uses the TMYTEK Developer Kit to demonstrate beamforming and directivity principles. This kit includes a 16-element millimeter-wave beamfomer, which operates at 26.5-29.5 GHz in the n257 band, to produce a stronger, and more focused signal than isotropic antennas. The experimental setup includes essential RF components such as a signal generator, beamforming unit, power amplifiers, and a power detector.



The TMYTEK Developer Kit and Labsheet


The TMYTEK Developer Kit is a comprehensive tool that combines hardware and software for developers to explore and implement 5G mmWave technology. It serves as an educational platform and facilitates R&D activities, making it an ideal solution for learning and experimenting with advanced antenna technologies.

In addition to the Developer Kit, TMYTEK provides a series of labsheets specifically designed to enhance the learning experience. These labsheets serve as valuable guides for users, professors, and students utilizing the TMYTEK Developer Kit to conduct 5G mmWave experiments. By providing step-by-step instructions and practical insights, the labsheets enable users to effectively apply their knowledge and conduct hands-on experiments in the field of 5G mmWave technology.