, UDBoard



Up/ Down Frequency Converter Board,

23 GHz to 30 GHz




What is UDBoard?

TMYTEK UDBoard is a cost-effective and versatile up/down frequency converter development kit, designed to facilitate seamless communication across various frequency ranges, spanning from 23 GHz up to 30 GHz. Its multi-band RF operation capability, catering to 3GPP n257, n258, n261, alongside 5G and SATCOM communication antenna arrays and transceivers, makes it a dynamic tool for modern communication needs. With a simple slide of a switch, the UDBoard rapidly performs up/down conversion, enhancing operational ease and efficiency.


Why UDBoard?

Cost-Effective Alternative

Tailored for academic and R&D purposes, UDBoard offers a cost-effective yet versatile solution spanning 23 GHz to 30 GHz for multi-band RF operations, including 5G and SATCOM.


Advanced Functionality

UDBoard enables seamless half-duplex communication with up- and down-conversion capabilities, simplifying integration with external PLLs for flexible usage and optimized performance.


High Performance

UDBoard offers significant conversion gains during transmission and reception, ensuring superior efficiency and adaptability in communication setups.


Key Features

· RF: 23 to 30 GHz

· IF: 2.6 to 5.8 GHz

· External LO Input Range: 4.75 to 6.75 GHz

· On-chip x4 LO Frequency Multiplier

· Up Conversion Gain: 11.5 dB (typical)

· Down Conversion Gain: 7 dB (typical)

· Tiny and Compact




UD Series Comparison