, Upgrade Sub-6 GHz

Upgrade Sub-6 GHz


For mmWave system researcher and developer



Key Features and Benefits

Technology migration means equipment needs to be upgraded to fulfill development demands. From RF design challenges of Sub-6 GHz up to mmWave band, and communication system development from 5G NR FR2, SATCOM to Radar, what you need is a seamless transition testbed that can leverage existing equipment.

The system has a built-in programmable intermediate frequency with wide bandwidth and low phase noise, to produce wide-range radio frequency that provides a highly flexible application usage. The solution has been tried, tested, and validated with most Sub-6 GHz instruments to guarantee uncompromised performance.

·The optional frequency band allows more flexible in products design.

·The addition of RF channel switches make switching between frequency band of VNA covered and UD converter provided.

·Integration of microwave chamber, expands the frequency band.


Inside mmWave

5G Beamformers

The mmW-SDR platform supports advanced beam management and tracking using our beamformers and 5G technology, and includes a 28/39 GHz beamformer for experimenting with advanced beam management and tracking capabilities. The BBox One is a base station with a 4×4 array antenna and the BBox Lite is ideal for UE research with a 1×4 antenna.



Broadband Frequency Converter

The UD Box 5G extends research capabilities to mmWave frequency bands, supporting RF spectrum ranges of 24-44 GHz with IF of 0.01-14 GHz and IBW up to 800 MHz, with excellent EVM performance for advanced research applications.