, mmW-SDR: Accelerate Your Wireless Innovations

mmW-SDR: Accelerate Your Wireless Innovations





What is mmW-SDR

Built to accelerate wireless advancements, mmW-SDR is a state-of-the-art testbed that integrates mmWave technology with Software Defined Radio. By leveraging the testbed’s beamformer, frequency converter, and SDR capabilities, researchers and engineers can unlock the potential of mmWave technology for applications such as 5G FR2, mmWave radar sensing, and beam management, driving the future of wireless innovation.





Inside mmW-SDR

5G Beamformers

The mmW-SDR platform supports advanced beam management and tracking using our beamformers and 5G technology, and includes a 28/39 GHz beamformer for experimenting with advanced beam management and tracking capabilities. The BBox One is a base station with a 4×4 array antenna and the BBox Lite is ideal for UE research with a 1×4 antenna.


Broadband Frequency Converter

The UD Box 5G extends research capabilities to mmWave frequency bands, supporting RF spectrum ranges of 24-44 GHz with IF of 0.01-14 GHz and IBW up to 800 MHz, with excellent EVM performance for advanced research applications.



Software Defined Radio

With the mmW-SDR platform, exploring advanced topics such as beamforming, beam-steering, multi-Gbps throughput, FMCW radar, FR2 deployment, and more is as simple as connecting your familiar SDR to the UD Box and BBox.




A complete set of APIs, with multi-language support, control the mmWave UD Box and BBox, which can be easily integrated into your SDR. Achieve an even higher level of integration with LabView by incorporating the NI Ettus X410. Support for OpenAirInterface (OAI) and GNU Radio will be available soon.



NI Ettus USRP X410

The NI Ettus USRP X410 is a powerful multi-channel software-defined radio that can handle frequencies from 1 MHz to 7.2 GHz. It offers a two-stage architecture with four independent TX and RX channels, each with 400 MHz bandwidth. TMYTEK and NI are solution partners in providing cutting-edge mmW-SDR solutions.