Foshan Lambda Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative company in China, providing advanced RF/microwave measurement solutions for antenna systems and dielectric materials for radar, autonomous driving, satellite, mobile communication, and wireless sensor applications. We have a skilled and experienced R&D team, dedicating to solving the pain points and difficulties of our customers and providing them with cost-effective measurement products. Our main products include dielectric material’s properties test system, antenna test system including near-field test system, far-field test system and compact antenna test range (CATR) system, as well as a variety of customized measurement services. We provide turnkey RF/microwave measurement solutions, and accessories related to RF/microwave measurement, such as absorbing materials, low-noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, precision RF/microwave cables, RF adaptors/connectors/loads, standard gain horn antennas, and waveguide probes. We provide high quality services all over the world. Choosing us is choosing a fast, stable and accurate measurement solution.

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